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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Fannindel strives to ensure our students' academic, career, social, emotional, and personal goals enhance their academic achievement in the classroom. Constant motivation to succeed, support to overcome daily challenges, and the ability to problem solve, and make wise choices give Fannindel students the tools they need to be successful citizens of today who will be equipped leaders for tomorrow.

​Parents, we thank you for the much-needed support you give to your children as you partner with us to ensure the success of the students we serve. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an email.

​Thank you kindly,

Your School Counselor- 

Krisi Herron



PJC Dual Credit Application


Personal Graduation Plan / PGP

All incoming 9th-grade students and their parent(s) will meet with the counselor to establish their endorsement and schedule classes for the next year via their Personal Graduation Plan (PGP). Each year afterward the student will meet with their counselor to select courses to ensure they meet state requirements and are on track for graduation.

A personal Graduation Plan is established based on the student's desired career choice.
​Fannindel ISD has made great strides in helping our students be not only college-ready but career ready, as well. 



 MARINES                          ARMY                               NAVY                                AIR FORCE                      COAST GUARD              NATIONAL GUARD

Marine Corp Recruiting     Army Recruiting          Navy Recruiting            Air Force Recruiting     Coast Guard Recruiting         National Guard

3223 NE Loop 286             3219 NE Loop 286     3225 NE Loop 286            3605 NE Loop 286             3455 N Beltline                     6351 HW 271 N

Paris, TX  75460-3437       Paris, TX 75460          Paris, TX 75460                Paris, TX 75460                 Irving, TX 75062                   Powderly, TX 75473

(903) 784-1398                  (903) 784-1081             (903) 784-3876                 (903) 784-6001                  (972) 255-0165                      (817) 914-1480

(903) 245-3411


SCHOLARSHIPS To Apply For: Please see Counselor for this information.